The company specializes in cutting welding equipment, CNC systems, CNC machinery, welding power and other mechanical and electrical integration products and galvanized steel coil 简体中文   ENGLISH
Keywords: laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, robot, CNC drilling machine, H-beam production line, CNC plasma cutting machine
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  Twenty years of trials and hardships,Hualian Technology has three wholly owned subsidiaries and a holding company intheir respective areas of space to accept the industry's temper, in theforefront of the market to show his own beautiful gesture。 This road has noshortcuts, is that all Hualian people with their most simple heart, the mostfirm belief created a history of Hualian miracle。 For customers which arealways supporting Hualian Technology , we are grateful; for the employees whichare accompanying all the way, we cherish ……
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