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Technical characteristics and application prospect of laser automatic cutting equipment

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Laser cutting equipment is a fast development of new manufacturing technology, compared with the traditional flame cutting, plasma cutting and other traditional cutting technology, compared with high precision machining, thermal deformation, cutting surface quality, cutting requirements for high occasions Is an ideal cutting technology, laser automatic cutting equipment for the popularization of China's traditional industries will be the technological transformation of emerging industries and the modernization of the manufacturing industry to provide advanced technology and equipment. The face of the growing huge laser automatic cutting equipment market and international competition in the new pattern of laser cutting technology industrialization needs of a big development. This situation to the domestic engaged in laser cutting equipment, automated production enterprises to bring an excellent opportunity and challenge.


China's laser automatic cutting equipment technology industry is in rapid development period, some domestic laser cutting equipment and light source technology has reached the international advanced level; until last year, China's laser industry has begun to take shape. As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser technology increasingly in-depth all walks of life, the transformation of China's manufacturing industry plays an important role in upgrading.


The classification of laser automatic cutting equipment is mainly based on the type of light source, light source power, cutting dimensions (plane or three-dimensional) to distinguish; which sub-technical indicators for the cutting speed, cutting accuracy, motion mechanism, manual or auto focus function Taiwan size and so on。

2、The laser source classification and technical characteristics


Laser technology to talk about the technical characteristics of automatic cutting equipment, we must first understand the laser source, because the laser source directly determines the laser cutting equipment, other technical performance indicators。

Currently on the market of laser automatic cutting equipment laser source are: 1。CO2 laser 2。 Fiber laser 3。YAG laser

1.CO2 laser laser working substance for the CO2 gas mixture, the main application of the laser wavelength is 10.6μm. Because of the high laser conversion efficiency of the laser and the heat generated by the laser operation, the laser output power can reach a high level High-power laser processing requirements.

CO2 laser power to be divided into: low-power, medium power, high-power CO2 laser:
Low power (less than 200W) CO2 laser applications
Mainly for the electronics industry (such as resistance manufacturing, IC logo), non-metallic


processing industry (bamboo carving, clothing, footwear, jewelry manufacturing, etc.) and some medical and research units used.

Application of CO2 laser with middle and high power (200W-1600W)
Metal cutting, computer, electrical sheet metal cutting, special materials such as cutting: plastic, glass, mold and other non-metallic cutting.
Application of CO2 laser with high power (more than 1600W)

High-power CO2 lasers larger than 1600 watts are mainly used in metal cutting, welding and surface treatment。 They have been adopted in some special fields in the national defense, automobile and aerospace industries in advanced industrial countries。

The traditional high-power-axis fast-flow CO2 laser is still the mainstream of high-power laser cutting equipment。 Although the rapid development of fiber lasers in recent years, CO2 lasers still account for the vast majority share of 65%。

Domestic and foreign high-power CO2 laser for laser processing, mainly cross-flow, axial lasers.
Cross-flow laser beam quality is not good, for multi-mode output, mainly for heat treatment and welding. China has been able to produce a variety of high-power cross-flow CO2 laser series, to meet the domestic laser heat treatment and welding needs.

Axial-flow lasers: Axial-flow lasers have good beam quality and are mainly used for laser cutting and welding. Our laser cutting equipment market is mainly occupied by foreign axial lasers. Although the domestic laser manufacturers in the foreign axial lasers to do a lot of work, but also need to import the main parts, the product price is difficult to significantly decline, the penetration rate is low.

Swirling CO2 lasers with a new type of rotating gas flow, so that the swirling CO2 laser at the same time with the axial flow CO2 laser beam quality and cross-flow CO2 laser low cost, small size advantages。 The application of industrial processing lasers will play a positive role in promoting the development and popularization of laser processing industry in China。

In the late 1960s, high power CO2 lasers and their applications have been studied in China. After more than 30 years of efforts, now has formed a 500W ~ 10kW series of production capacity, about more than 10 companies and units can produce more than 500W CO2 laser, including Chutian, laborers, Han, Nanjing East, Nanjing Tong fast , Shanghai Prima. But on the whole, China's laser compared with foreign countries there is a certain distance, all the Chinese market, most of the use of imported products. International brands include: Rofin, Trumpf, PRC, Coherent, Access, Prima, Bystronic, Mitsubishi Group, MAZATROL, Amada.

Overall, China's CO2 laser technology after years of cultivation, with a certain development, is taking shape, most of our cutting machine on all high-power CO2 lasers are still dependent on imports. Compared with foreign countries, domestic high-power CO2 lasers on its laser quality and its control system, there is still a gap. 

2. Fiber laser is a wave-guide structure, with high gain, high conversion efficiency, low threshold, good output beam quality, narrow line-width, and low power consumption. The structure of the fiber laser has the following advantages: Simple, high reliability, easy to achieve and fiber coupling, the output peak power of up to hundreds of kilowatts, wavelength 1.06μm near the absorption efficiency of most materials, small size, light weight, easy to move, focusing spot diameter Small (10 ~ 100 μm), can achieve very precise cutting, which can be removed from some post-processing steps. Through the optical output, easy to cooperate with the robot to achieve long-range laser processing, the overall photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 25% to 30%, can be a long time stable work, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

Although fiber laser cutting is good at cutting most materials, it can not be used to cut acrylic or poly-carbonate materials, and can only cut wood or fiber materials in limited applications
Production of fiber laser companies: SPI, IPG, there are sharp domestic division of laser (Chinese laborers laser).

3. YAG laser output wavelength of 1.06um, just than the CO2 laser wavelength 10.06μm small one order of magnitude, the traditional solid-state lasers are usually used high-power gas discharge lamp pump, the pump efficiency of about 1% to 3%. The large amount of energy emitted by the pump lamp is converted into heat energy, which not only causes the solid laser to use bulky cooling system, but also can cause the thermal lens effect which can not be eliminated by the working material. In addition, the life of the pump lamp is about 300 hours, the operator need to spend a lot of time for frequent lights, interrupt the system work, so that the efficiency of automated production lines greatly reduced, but if the diode pumped solid-state lasers, you can very well avoid at this point.

YAG solid laser cutting machine with low price, good stability characteristics, but the energy efficiency is generally low <3%, the current output power of most products in the 600W below, the output energy is small, mainly used for drilling and spot welding and sheet Cutting. Its green laser beam can be used in the case of pulses or continuous waves, with short wavelengths and good concentrating properties. It is suitable for precision machining, especially in pulsed hole machining. It is also effective for cutting, welding and lithography. . YAG solid laser cutting machine laser wavelength is not easy to be non-metallic absorption, it can not cut non-metallic materials, and YAG solid laser cutting machine need to address is to improve the stability and life of the power supply, that is to develop large-capacity, long-life optical pump Excitation light source, such as the use of semiconductor optical pump can greatly increase the energy efficiency.

3.Comparison of CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine

First of all, as the mainstream of the traditional laser cutting, welding equipment using CO2 laser, can be stable cutting within 20mm of carbon steel, 10mm or less of stainless steel, 8mm below the aluminum alloy。 Fiber laser in the cutting within 4mm of the obvious advantages of the plate, by the solid laser wavelength of its poor quality when cutting thick plate。 Laser cutting machine is not a panacea, CO2 laser wavelength is 10。6um, solid-state lasers such as YAG or fiber laser wavelength is 1。06um, the former is relatively easy to be non-metallic absorption, high-quality cutting wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass And other non-metallic materials, the latter is not easy to be non-metallic absorption, it can not cut non-metallic materials, but the two laser encountered in copper, silver, aluminum and other highly reflective materials are poor。

Second, it is precisely because the wavelength of CO2 and fiber lasers differ by an order of magnitude, the former can not use optical fiber transmission, which can be transmitted by optical fiber, greatly increasing the degree of flexibility of processing. Early in the fiber laser market before, in order to achieve three-dimensional processing, we use optical joint technology through a highly sophisticated combination of the dynamic combination of mirror system CO2 laser guide to the surface of the three-dimensional surface, CO2 laser three-dimensional processing, this technology because the domestic Precision machining technology is mainly limited to the hands of a handful of developed countries in Europe and America, expensive, high maintenance requirements in the fiber laser market share gradually expanded at the same time has gradually lost its market. The fiber laser because it can be transmitted through the optical fiber, an unprecedented degree of flexibility, especially for the automotive industry, are basically about 1mm sheet surface processing, fiber laser with the same flexible robot system, low cost, fewer points of failure , Easy maintenance, the speed of odd fast, doing my part to secure the occupation of this market.

Again, the optical fiber laser conversion rate of 25% or more, while the CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate of only about 10%, in the electricity consumption, matching cooling system, the advantages of fiber laser is quite obvious, if the fiber laser manufacturers more , The price and then a bit, and to solve the thick plate cutting process, CO2 laser by the threat will be enormous。 However, the fiber laser as a new laser technology, far less than the popularity of CO2 laser, the stability and reliability, convenience of after-sales service remains to be the market's long-term observation。

It is worth mentioning that, according to international safety standards, laser hazard level 4, CO2 laser is the smallest harm level, and fiber laser due to the short wavelength of the human body because of eye damage, is the most harmful level, out of For safety reasons, fiber laser processing requires a fully enclosed environment。

In addition, the fiber laser with a flexible processing system of the robot in the automotive industry and supporting industry, the high status of long standing in the past is monopolized by foreign integrators in recent years due to the financial crisis and the automobile industry production technology continues to improve, especially the domestic laser Technology in the high-end manufacturers such as laser technology Fali Lai national policy in support of technology research, in recent years to provide automotive users with white car body welding, automotive dashboard laser weakening, laser welding of automotive airbags, car bumpers, Doors, pillars and other flexible flexible cutting, car bumpers laser welding, automotive exhaust pipe online welding system, automotive gear shift sets of laser cutting equipment and so on.

In summary, the direction of laser applications should be high-power CO2 laser applications in a more stable, more wide-format, faster machine tools. For 2mm below the three-dimensional surface processing, fiber laser is more advantages.

4。Comparison of YAG laser and CO2 laser

YAG laser output wavelength of 1.06um, just than CO2 laser wavelength 10.06μm smaller than an order of magnitude, so that it coupled with the metal high efficiency, good processing performance, YAG laser can be coupled with the fiber, with time division and power division multiple system Can easily transfer a laser beam to a number of stations or remote distance station, to facilitate the realization of flexible laser processing; YAG laser pulse and can work in two ways, the pulse output can be Q-switched and clamping technology Short pulse and ultrashort pulse, so that its processing range is larger than the CO2 laser; YAG laser compact structure, light weight, easy to use and reliable, low maintenance requirements, the price is relatively low, so the application of promising.

The main drawbacks of YAG lasers are:
1. Its conversion efficiency is low, only 1-3%, which is about an order of magnitude lower than the efficiency of CO2 lasers;
YAG laser rods have an internal temperature gradient during working, which will cause thermal stress and thermal lens effect, which limits the average power and beam quality of YAG laser to further improve;
3. YAG laser output power per watt cost more expensive than CO2 laser.
4. Most of the current output power of 600W or less, the output energy is small, mainly used for drilling and spot welding and sheet cutting.

5。Trend Analysis of Laser Cutting Equipment Replacing Conventional Processing Technology

Laser cutting is a process of sheet metal processing revolution, is the sheet metal processing in the "processing center." Laser cutting a high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short production cycle, for customers to win a wide range of markets. Laser cutting without cutting force, no deformation processing; no tool wear, good material adaptability; whether simple or complex parts, can be used once a laser precision rapid cutting; its narrow cutting, cutting quality, high degree of automation, Simple, low labor intensity, no pollution; can achieve automatic cutting nesting, nesting, improved material utilization, low production costs, good economic returns. The technology of the effective life of a long, currently in foreign 2 mm below most of the sheet metal laser cutting, many foreign experts agree that the next 30-40 years is the golden age of laser processing technology development (sheet metal processing development direction) In recent years, China's sheet metal processing technology and product quality have been rapid development, and processing enterprises to gradually spread the use of laser cutting machine are inseparable.

In the sheet metal industry, laser cutting machine in a large range of alternative CNC punch, laser cutting machine than the advantages of CNC punch has the following six aspects:
1. Do not need to open mode, only the computer will map to make the product immediately Can come out, that can quickly develop new products, but also cost savings.
2. Laser cutting machine with automatic tracking system, so that the completion of plane cutting, but also to complete a variety of uneven surface of the cutting.
3. The complex process requires CNC punch Difficult to complete, laser cutting can do.
4. To complete a variety of complex structure of the processing, as long as the computer can draw any image, the machine can complete the processing.
5. Forming the box to increase the processing of pores, CNC punch can not handle, metal laser cutting To solve .
6, the surface is very smooth, high-grade products, CNC punch is difficult to do.  

As the laser cutting machine has many advantages, with the development of metal processing industry, the advantages of metal laser cutting machine more and more obvious, so the proportion of laser cutting machine position is also growing.
Three-dimensional laser cutting in improving product quality, production efficiency, shorten product development cycle, reduce labor intensity, saving raw materials and other obvious advantages. Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment, one-time investment, there are still a lot of cars, aircraft manufacturers purchased three-dimensional laser processing machine, some universities have purchased the appropriate equipment for scientific research, three-dimensional laser technology is bound to play in China's manufacturing industry With a growing role.

Laser cutting is the most widely used in automotive body design and manufacturing, mainly used to develop new models, on-line cutting, deformation car production, such as cutting car parts, body panels cut holes, trimming, cutting the steering wheel hole, Wind panels, roof cover bracket holes, airbag components, hydraulic molding components. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, Nissan and other companies have for the body processing of five-axis laser processing machine. Three-dimensional laser cutting is also useful after assembly of the body, such as opening the luggage rack with the hole, the top cover slide holes, antenna mounting holes, modify the wheel fender shape. In aerospace, the technology is mainly used for forming stainless steel, Inconel alloy, titanium and aluminum aircraft parts for drilling, cutting and dressing.

Laser three-dimensional cutting technology is also widely used in mold manufacturing, sculpture, oil industry and other industries. In the printing industry, laser engraving cutting machine using laser energy and high efficiency, through the process control of the rubber plate ablation, to create a printing plate is not only low cost, and carving fine, high quality; the use of laser High-energy characteristics of the knife template deep ablation, you can create a variety of high-precision knife to die. In the field of mold manufacturing, can be used for processing mold, try to mold, mold manufacturing. The combination of mold CAD and laser cutting can be used to manufacture complex structures, such as deep holes, holes, hollow bodies and complex cooling channels. The thin steel plates are cut by laser and then superimposed into die or punch. In the oil industry, this technique is used to process slotted screens.

Many shipbuilding manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Japan have long put high-output CO2 laser cutting machine technology for shipbuilding, and has been successful.

These years, "precision shipbuilding," the formulation is familiar, to really do this, just to CNC cutting point of view, the current domestic shipyard equipment is clearly not up to technical requirements, people's attention naturally to the cutting of a higher precision Of laser cutting, no doubt this will become CNC laser cutting machine into the driving force behind China's shipbuilding industry. Optoelectronic technology with each passing day, so that the laser cutting operation costs (yuan / kW) greatly reduced, together with the manufacturers to seize the initiative for the fierce market competition will inevitably lead to lower prices of laser cutting machine, and ultimately to Comprehensive economic benefits and CNC plasma cutting machine competition by China's shipbuilding industry gradually to understand and accept.
It can be said that laser cutting technology has penetrated into all areas of the national economy, can be expected in the next few years, laser cutting technology will be a higher speed in the manufacturing industry to promote the use of China's manufacturing industry to the direction of the development of sophisticated important contribution.

6。China's small and medium-power laser cutting equipment market size

According to "Industrial Laser Solutions" (ILS) statistics, in 2008 the world's laser processing equipment is about 6.36 billion US dollars; According to H & Q Consulting research, including small and medium-power laser cutting machine accounts for about 10% of the global market size of about $ 640 million. In 2009, affected by the global financial crisis, small and medium-power laser cutting machine industry growth will slow down significantly. After 2010 to restore growth, to 2012, is expected to global small and medium-sized laser cutting machine industry scale will reach 1.31 billion US dollars.



In China, small and medium-power laser processing equipment, laser cutting machine and marking machine occupies 80% market share, is the application of small and medium-power laser processing the most extensive processing equipment. In 2008 China's small and medium-sized laser cutting equipment market size of 402 million yuan in 2009 by the global financial crisis, China's small and medium-power laser cutting machine growth slowed this year in 2012, China's small and medium-sized laser cutting machine scale will reach 1.04 billion yuan RMB. Laser cutting machine as a new alternative to traditional tools face a broad market prospects.



7.Looking to the future

China's laser industry has a group of aggregation, mainly in five industrial zones: the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Central China, Bohai Rim, and the emerging northeast industrial revitalization area. In addition, the western industrial belt will be formed.

Laser processing is the largest project in foreign laser applications, and is also an important means for the transformation of traditional industries, mainly kW to 10kW grade CO2 lasers, fiber lasers and hundreds of kilowatt to kilowatt YAG laser to achieve a variety of materials cutting. Since the early seventies of last century, laser cutting technology has been put into production applications, the pace of development is very fast, technology is maturing. It is estimated that the next five years, China's laser product market demand will exceed 60 billion yuan. At present, the industry is more developed countries to use this technology more widely. Laser cutting technology to get more use of the main reasons are: laser cutting with a small thermal deformation, high precision cutting, easy to achieve no automatic cutting. Through the use of improved high-power laser cutting machine with high-performance intelligent CNC system, cutting speed faster, higher thickness, better quality of the cutting edge, the laser processing technology, especially high-power laser processing technology A wide range of applications and development.

China's main laser products are moving from single to multi-species, for example, 5KW and 10KW cross-flow CO2 laser has been applied in the industry, 3KW, 4KW, 6KW CO2 axial lasers are available, semiconductor direct lasers to achieve 10KW power. In addition, the return of overseas students to make our vacancies in the laser industry is soon to be added, especially in the field of semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers.

The future trend of lasers is focused on semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, and disc lasers. China has been at the forefront of semiconductor lasers, and fiber lasers, IPG remains a leading position. China should pay attention to disc laser research and development. With the localization of the laser gradually mature, gradually improve the quality, laser prices gradually reduced, we have reason to believe that the laser cutting equipment, the universal application of the era has not far off.
Laser cutting is currently the most widely used laser processing technology, in many foreign countries, for example, automobile manufacturing and machine tool industry are using laser cutting sheet metal parts processing. With the high-power laser beam quality continues to improve, laser cutting of the processing of a wide range of objects, including almost all of the metal and non-metallic materials. For example, you can use laser to high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point of the metal material complex shape of the three-dimensional parts cutting, which is the advantage of laser cutting.

To metal cutting, for example, a variety of processing means a flourishing trend, including laser, flame cutting, EDM, line cutting, water cutting。 All kinds of cutting tools have their own advantages, but also there are some limitations。 From today's cutting-edge technology, laser cutting technology is undoubtedly the best cutting method。 In addition to the features described above, the laser cutting also has low noise, pollution and other advantages。 With the growing awareness of environmental protection, coupled with the laser source manufacturing costs decline, so that the advantages of laser cutting technology is more prominent。 The use of laser cutting technology to replace the flame and plasma cutting, cutting technology will become the future development trend。

Laser cutting is to use a focusing lens to focus the laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material, while the laser beam with the coaxial compressed gas blown away the molten material, and the laser beam and material along a certain trajectory for relative movement, thus forming A certain shape of the slit. Laser cutting is the world's advanced cutting technology. Its biggest advantage is due to the laser spot is small, the energy concentration, so cutting the slot is small, no dross, almost no thermal deformation, cutting surface smooth. Overall, the laser cutting process and other cutting processes such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure water jet cutting compared with the following characteristics:
1. High precision: positioning accuracy of 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm
2. Narrow slit: the laser beam focused into a small spot, so that the focus to achieve a high power density, the material quickly heated to the degree of evaporation, the formation of holes in the evaporation. As the beam and the material relative to the linear movement, so that the formation of continuous narrow width of the kerf. Incision width is generally 0.10 ~ 0.20mm.
3. Cutting surface smooth: cutting surface without burr, cut surface roughness is generally controlled within Ra12.5.
4. Fast: cutting speed of up to 10m / min, the maximum positioning speed of up to 70m / min, much faster than the line cutting.
5. Cutting quality: no contact cutting, cutting edge heat affected little, basically no hot deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid the material when the collapse of the formation of punching, cutting generally do not need secondary processing.
6. Does not damage the workpiece: the laser cutting head will not be in contact with the material surface to ensure that does not scratch the workpiece.
7. Not affected by the hardness of the material being cut: the laser can be steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, carbide and other processing, no matter what kind of hardness, can be no deformation cutting.
8. Not affected by the shape of the workpiece: laser processing flexibility, and can process any graphics, you can cut pipe and other profile.
9. Can be non-metallic cutting: such as plastics, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, plexiglass and so on.
10. Saving mold investment: no need to mold, no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, save the replacement of mold time, thus saving processing costs and reduce production costs, especially for large products processing.
11. Material savings: the use of computer programming, can be different shapes of products for the entire sheet of material sets of cutting, to maximize the utilization of materials.
12. Improve the speed of new product development: product drawings, immediately after the laser processing, in the shortest possible time to get new products in kind.
13. Safety and environmental protection: laser processing slag very little noise minimal, clean, safe, pollution-free, greatly improving the working environment.
Cutting industry development is always inseparable from the development of metal manufacturing enterprises, through close cooperation with these enterprises and technical exchanges, to the cutting industry has brought a lot of different production concepts and challenging experience and technology. Modern metal manufacturing enterprises in order to optimize the structural properties of their products, making the product more economical, shorter production cycle in the international market more competitive. Which must be on its original manufacturing technology and production processes put forward new ideas and requirements, part of the vision and requirements will be achieved in the cutting equipment, so our cutting industry has put forward new issues and new design concepts.
Compared with the international laser processing system, China's laser processing system there is still a big gap, but China's laser equipment manufacturing enterprises are steadily entering the power savings, the domestic application market also has great room for development, the laser industry in China will be unprecedented development. Comprehensive reasons, the following aspects:
1. National attention, government departments at all levels are actively concerned about the planning, project, a number of funds are being injected. In particular, the state stressed that the main project by the colleges and universities, scientific research departments to switch to the main business, which promoted the independent innovation of enterprise products, technology upgrades.
2. Various types of domestic manufacturing industry to accept the laser processing technology, which allows them to increase the technological content of products to speed up the replacement product, using it to achieve the "agile manufacturing" level to meet the market for "personalized" products.
3. Domestic industry has gradually formed a complete set of laser components supporting enterprises slowly, all kinds of characteristics of the laser processing system manufacturers have established four domestic laser processing equipment manufacturing industry has formed, they are mainly distributed in central China ; The Pearl River Delta; the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Sea economic development area.
4. Some of the world's leading laser processing manufacturers to invest and build factories in China; some domestic joint production, the general trend is to enter, the formation of international competition in the country.
5. Domestic laser in the main aspects of the gradual clearance, access to market applications. Such as high-power axial-flow CO2 lasers, small and medium-power metal-cavity RF CO2 lasers, semiconductor-pumped solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, and double-frequency DPLs and high-power diode modules, are poised to enter the market. . For the domestic appreciation of the laser processing to create new applications to create the conditions.
Laser processing technology has been a national key support and promote the application of a high-tech, especially the Government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which gives laser processing technology applications to bring development opportunities. In the country to develop long-term development plan, turn laser processing as a key support technology, because it involves national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and the development of cutting-edge technology, which laser processing to a high Attention, will also give the laser processing machine manufacturing and upgrading of great business opportunities. Because of the various domestic market publicity, display, popularization and training for users, but also greatly to the laser processing market broadening to broaden the domestic users to use this advanced manufacturing technology, confidence and determination to promote the laser processing to the more More and more widely used external environment, which is what we often say that the market affects. The market affects and promote the laser processing machinery sales, the formation of a chain reaction. Because of this promotion, laser processing machine has now formed more than 200 manufacturing enterprises, employing nearly 20,000, of which about 50% of scientific and technical personnel, with senior titles accounted for about 30% of employees, has formed a considerable strength Of the industrial team. At the same time, it also attracted many laser processing equipment manufacturers around the world's attention and follow-up, the domestic market has been internationalized.

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